Great jobs don’t just fall into your lap; they require a plan.

Kids Career Discovery helps educate children and their parents about a wide range of great career possibilities, fosters passion at a young age, and shows them the path to achieve the job of their dreams. Don’t let luck decide what job your child ends up with – actively show them what’s out there and how they can get it!

All jobs are not created equal. 

They differ in salary, responsibility, educational requirements, growth opportunity, average working hours and more. The problem is that although there are many impressive careers out there, it is difficult to teach children the key information about each of them, especially when there are many professions that the average adult may not even know about. This can limit a child’s opportunities as most career choices are based on family and friends or commonly seen jobs such as doctors, teachers and police officers. Kids Career Discovery opens up a world of career possibilities and helps young children decide what they want to be when they grow up.

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